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Configuration 9
Script's configuration related section
Installation 2
Installation and Pre-Installation related section

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Site error: the file functions.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader
Most hosting providers are offering Ioncube Loaders at their boxes, which is a Pinclone...
Translation or Change of terms like "pin"
Steps of translation:   1. Install Poedit ( )   2. Open...
Permalinks 404 Error on http://DOMAIN.COM/user/admin/
Probably, your admin user is not named as "admin". Everything is set up correctly, do not worry....
Default size of pins
In order to change the size of the pins, navigate to style.css and change the width to the...
Hide the Repin button
Remove line 48 from single-pin.php and line 47 from index-masonry-inc.php

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